Last Minute Beach Waves



If you want beach waves but don’t have 6+ hours to wait for overnight wet braids to set, use a straightener to get them fast! Depending on the size and the tightness of the braid, you can get a crimp-like look or soft waves. And it’s fast! Only took us 10 minutes. It will take longer the more hair you have.

  1. Spray dry hair with Wen Replenishing Treatment Mist.
  2. Braid hair, the number of braids will be determined by hair thickness.
  3. Pancake your braids starting from the bottom (pull braids outward making them flat and wide).
  4. Flat iron the braids from top to bottom.
  5. Hair spray braids.
  6. Undo braids, comb through with finger.
  7. Only 1o minutes to beautiful!

product list

Wen Replenishing Treatment Mist

Matrix Complete Control Fast Drying Hair Spray

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