Let Life Mess it Up!


Kids are messy! There are many different kinds of parents, regarding household tasks: The parent who tries to have everything spotless all the time in their museum of fancy furniture. The parent that gives up, after months of trying to keep up. And there are a lot of us, who are somewhere in between. I believe I am one of those moms (I could be wrong). I clean constantly, a solid four hours a day. I clean before the kids wake up, during their naps, and when they go to bed. Despite my efforts, there are spills, bite marks, mud, and prints that happen. To all those parents or caregivers who clean a lot, no matter how devoted you are, there are still stains, grease, and marks that can not be prevented.

My quick-tip: Let life mess it up! Let all your furniture, placemats, glasses, rugs and toys get used but not destroyed. Many people would be surprised that there are so many items you can buy that look better with wear and tear.


Here’s a list of my favorite indestructible household items:

1. IKEA Stockholm Rug

The reason this item works is because its made from wool. You want to avoid synthetics. It is true that some synthetic microfibers are better than others, but natural fibers are always best. Synthetic fibers tend to have a lower melting point or fire resistance. Wool not only naturally repels water and is resistant to stains, but it can withstand frequent scrubbing and heat. This rug doesn’t have a backing, which means stitching up a tear is also an option. Paint, markers, juice, and food stains look great scattered around the white and black stripes. Damage seems almost deliberate and cool on a white surface rather than a discolored mark on a busy print.

2. Restoration Hardware Flatiron Round Dining Table

When buying a table of any kind remember solid wood, concrete, or stone are great options. Veneer can peel up or crack (sanding and refinishing a veneered piece of furniture is tough and usually leads to destruction). Reclaimed items are a great option for a house of kids. I have the Flatiron Round Dining Table by Restoration Hardware. The top is made from reclaimed wood, which is indestructible, and the legs are iron. Crunches in the wood, paint splatter, or knife marks are a great look for this piece of furniture.

3. West Elm Fishnet Woven Placemat Set

Anything woven is a great option to embrace the stain. These plant based fiber placemats look great with a few coffee ring stains.

4. Choco Bamboo Cup

This bamboo cup is made for soup, but they make a plethora of bamboo kitchen items that are indestructible. Bamboo is safe for little hands, and may look better than other plastic cup options for your kids.

Things to look for when you are picking out interior objects for your home.

  1. You have to get out of the mindset of masking or covering up the damage. Show and embrace life’s little accidents. Sometimes I even help them along. Most of the time, more bumps and stains look better than very few of them.
  2. ALL NATURAL: Synthetic items don’t look good with damage.
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