Masterfully Formed Twisted Grass for Easter


Wonky, wimpy, vibrant, handwoven and beautifully crafted describe the West Africa baskets brought to the U.S. by the Alaffia company. I am in awe of the culture and fingers that masterfully formed twisted grass into such useful vessels.

For years my children have played with the woven sculptures, filling them up with picnic items or using the baskets to cart around toys. I use the largest baskets for storage and have many on display.

Being such a fan of the company and their artisans, I am shocked I was not aware that they made Easter baskets until this year! Sculpted in youthful shades of spring, they’re fantastic. The Easter basket, perfect for a playful egg hunt in a meadow or city park. Long stretched out handles allow little ones to display their finds with enthusiasm to family and friends.

Alaffia baskets can be found at many retailers, but I usually buy mine at Whole Foods.

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