Mayonnaise is an Egg Substitute



My family eat hordes of eggs. My toddler’s daily breakfast request consists of 2 poached eggs, chicken sausage and baby carrots. Since our household demand for eggs is so high, I buy four cartons at a time. I have very rarely been out. Yet, no matter what the situation, sometimes I don’t have EGGS!!!!! I bake often, and have a bad habit of not checking for typical everyday ingredients. Well, if you have ever made that same mistake, try substituting mayonnaise for eggs. Most substitutions are not equal to the item they are replacing. Yet, if you need to substitute in a pinch, you will have your meal, dessert, or whatever.

What is mayonnaise: a dressing of egg yolks beaten with oil and vinegar? Eggs are superfoods nutritionally, but also, superfoods in their ability to provide an array of aid in the kitchen. They bind ingredients, provide leavening, act as a thickening agent, can be used for glazing, as an emulsifier, etc… Not to mention they are tasty, too.

When using mayonnaise for an egg substitute, the texture and taste might not be 100% equivalent, but when you need a chocolate chip cookie, you need it now! Some recipes will be cloned better than others, so just give it a try.

Mayonnaise is an Egg Substitute

3T mayonnaise for every egg

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