My Valentine’s Day & A Tip for Parents



It’s Valentine’s Day! My two oldest girls and I sit at the kitchen table making holiday necklaces… it’s hearts galore over here! My 3-year-old organizes her beads. She sighs in frustration when she realizes each bead doesn’t have a corresponding match. The necklace is doomed, now she is unable to have each side mirror itself (her thoughts, not mine). She asks me to help her find each beads twin, thinking I can just make one appear, I guess. She informs me that each bead I choose does not match.

Finally, despite its imperfection, she strings the necklace up and quickly announces to us, “I am going to make everyone a beau-fi-tul necklace for a present!” She fulfilled her promise making three more necklaces promptly, and informed her new sister that “Mom said you were too little for a beau-fi-tul necklace but I will kiss your feet, buddy.” She has many catch phrases. She owns the construction of them in her mind. Often prancing around negotiating with all of us finishing off her thoughts with the question or maybe it’s a demand, “Good deal?” “Best buddies” is the newest phrase she says. It’s much cuter than saying best friends.

Sitting next to her sister, my 5-year-old strings up a necklace at a feverous pace, then slides the beads off their line and starts over again. She repeats this process over and over. She began anew at least ten times, maybe more. After she had realized her sister completed a necklace, she finally finished her own.

Now, hours later, I tuck my children in for their naps, my 3-year-old has lined every stuffed animal she owns along the perimeter of her room, straight and orderly. She informed me that not only has she decorated, but she has also organized her room. As I walk into my 5-year-old’s room, I realize she has piled everything she owns in a heap at the entrance. The large room feels cramped when you walk into a wall of clothes.

My children are so different from one another. I often ponder and have even written about my excitement, who my children will become, wishing I could see into the future. Will one have a mathematical mind and another the brain of an artist? For now, I shall be content collecting memories that will bring me joy for the rest of my life here on this precious Valentine’s Day.

For all you moms or dads out there having a rough day… Later in the evening, I slit my foot open on a shard of glass. A few minutes later my shower head exploded leaving me with quite a mess. A piece of advice…

The life of a parent can be challenging. Never look at your day in segments, you may lose your mind. Look at your day and life for what it is, as a whole. One full of wonderful experiences and joy. I didn’t get upset for a second this evening because I looked at the mess at the end of the day for what it was. A collection of bad luck in pieces of glass on the floor and water sprayed on my bathroom.


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