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Apple cider vinegar is amazing. It can you be used for cooking, baking, cleaning, internal health, or as part of your beauty regiment. I don’t dye my hair now, but throughout my life my hair has displayed all natural colors and some not so “homegrown”. The hair dye removers the salons use aren’t really that helpful. No matter how nice the location, there are a handful of people that still show signs of hair dye when they exit. The clients will have to announce to the world that they dyed their hair until they shower the next day. For those that don’t want to declare to the world that they are grey, it’s not a good situation.

The solution to this problem is apple cider vinegar. I made my poor husband dye his eyebrows for the article! But whether you dye you hair at home or in the salon, use a few q-tips and a little bit of apple cider vinegar to remove the mess. I have found that even if the dye has sat on your skin for a good amount of time, the apple cider vinegar still removes the stains. I am sure other vinegar would work but I use Bragg’s Certified Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar for everything. Don’t let the old school site dissuade you from using the product. You gotta try this stuff!

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