Now baby’s five months and one week.

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Now baby’s five months and one week. 

My daughter is filled with joy and excitement and seems almost proud of herself as she observes all her new abilities. She bends her fingers and hands back and forth as she watches them intently.

Rolling over has been a compulsion of late… she is either unwilling or unable to stay on her back for very long. She has the ability to roll over on her stomach from either direction and regularly travels from one side of the room to another rolling all the way. Although I put her to bed laying on her back, I always find her on stomach in the morning. Some parents worry when their babies begin to roll over in their sleep, but it’s normal.

My youngest is still the happiest baby I’ve ever seen… laughing and smiling is a constant. It’s common to find us playing peek-a-boo, I hide behind my tall footboard and pop up and she laughs thunderously.

She melts into my body when I hug her as she grasps me tightly.

She gains strength daily and under her little fleshy body, abs are developing. She tries to sit up when unable to see something.

She loves being smothered by her two older sisters.

common questions

When should my baby roll from her back to her front? 

Usually between 4 to 6 months.

At what age do babies laugh?

Usually between 3 to 4 months.


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