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Stop living in a sea of beige and white and grab a paint brush! Many are terrified of color but the truth is, the last project anyone should be squeamish about is painting. You can always repaint. Don’t stop with your walls either. Take your ceilings into consideration. Not only should you be thoughtful about the white ceiling paint you choose, if you go that route, but you can also paint your ceilings a color… any color! If you want a cozy/warm feel paint your walls and ceiling the same color. If you’re looking to add a little surprise, then paint your ceiling with a different color than the walls below, like the picture above.

If you’re not sold on painting your ceilings a color, then here are some tips in picking the right white.

white ceiling tips

  1. Don’t buy “ceiling paint,” your ceilings will never be consistent. White isn’t just white. White paint has hues of different colors, yellow, green, blue, grey etc. Even if all your ceiling paint only comes from one manufacturer, their formulas can change. I have literally bought 2 cans of ceiling paint, same brand, same time and one had a tint of yellow and the other grey.
  2. Although, your ceiling paint should be flat (flat is the sheen) every white paint in your house should be the same white. When you move-in or start painting, pick one color of white then use it in different sheens for your entire house. Depending on what you are painting–ceilings, walls, trims, outside doors, or bathrooms–you may use flat, eggshell, satin, semigloss or high gloss.

Are you having problems with runny paint? Read Why is Your Pain Runny.

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