Parenting New Year’s Resolution



Every new year is full of hope and excitement for the prospect of a brighter future. Goals are written out as New Year’s Resolutions and hung on the fridge. Some wish to become better household providers, achieve a healthful life, waste less, love more, be slower to anger, quicker to lend a helping hand, or maybe just to follow through with promises or projects one has neglected the previous year. As parents, we have a motivation like no other, a driving force to accomplish our goals and dreams… our children. They make us better. This year I don’t have a laundry list of resolutions… I merely have one. My resolution is to be the best parent I am able. With that one declaration I will in turn be kinder to teach my children kindness. I will be healthier to keep them healthy. I will work harder to achieve my career goals, to provide them with a brighter future, and so on. I wish you all the best in realizing your splendid destiny. Thank your children when you achieve it.

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