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The single most difficult make-up item to apply is liquid eyeliner. It’s messy, wet, smears, transfers and the applicator is hard to manipulate. My solution to this common problem has always been to melt my classic pencil liner for a more exaggerated look.

Now, I can apply liquid eyeliner well. Although, I wonder why I ever do, this quick-tip has a long-wear quality that can’t be beat by cream, liquid or gel liners. The AHP Burn-It Method will not allow your liner to transfer, smudge, or flake. Sweat and applying near your crease will be a problem of the past. Since I was 14-years-old, my sisters and I applied our cat-eyes with my secret method and I could achieve my Elizabeth Taylor look, without flaw, 100% of the time.

If I could apply a fancy liner at 14-years-old in this manner, anyone could. My make-up application understanding was definitely low at that age. Yet, I do have a few more secret quick-tips from that Wet n’ Wild Beauty era!

AHP Burn-It Method


  • eyeliner pencil
  • lighter not matches


  1. About an inch under the tip of a sharpened eyeliner pencil hold lighter flame.
  2. The material will start to soften and melt but don’t allow the liner to drip. The softening process will take just a seconds.
  3. Apply liner, and repeat process for the next eye.
  4. Now you have a perfect cat-eye!
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