Pho 75



If “dive-y” and maybe a little dirty isn’t your style, don’t try Pho 75. But if you aren’t fancy and don’t mind just one item on the menu, Pho, Pho 75 has the best Vietnamese noodle soup I’ve had in Maryland. Located off of University right outside of Takoma Park.

The parking lot is a little sketchy and half the time the glass doors appear to be boarded up, but the restaurant isn’t closed, it just looks that way. In the cash-only establishment you will hear little talking, just the clanking of bowls and the slurping of soup. They have few choices for beverages and no alcohol. I have gone there for years and I have never been so happy to sit on a ripped seat and rest my elbows on a stained table!

Pho 75



1510 University Blvd East

Hyattsville, MD 20783


(301) 434-7844

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