Plates for Toddlers or Adults


My toddler eats as much as I do, but her plastic plates don’t accommodate the quantity of food she needs. I am not opposed to giving her an “adult” plate, and I do sometimes, but I respect that she is still tiny and would prefer her food separated into little compartments. She also loves dipping sauces when provided. Although she is not a picky eater, she has a routine, and would like to stick to it, if possible.

While dining out I discovered a marvelous solution to my predicament, the Bia Cordon Bleu 12″ White TV Tray. Made of porcelain, it will last a lifetime, and the most beautiful divided kids plate I’ve ever seen.  The plate can rest proudly on any Thanksgiving or Christmas table next to fine china without seeming out of place. The surface area will provide enough room for any amount of food required, for adults too. With a steep price of almost $20.00 each, they are not cheap, but worth the cost.

The plate is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. It can withstand temperatures as high as 450°F. I do not recommend placing a plate meant for a toddler in an oven, but it has versatility and can be used long after your children have grown up.


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