Rody: The Perfect Toy for Crawlers to Adults!



Are you looking for a toy that will grow with your child, be as fun for a baby as for a 5-year-old? Well, the Rody is the toy you have been searching for.  My baby has been playing with her Rody since BEFORE she could walk, and my eldest, at 4-years-old, also plays with one daily. Her friends up to 5-years-old fit on this toy comfortably and can’t get enough.

I have never purchased a toy that has remained so interesting to my children or their friends as the Rody. It is the only toy I have never rotated in and out of storage, the only toy that my toddler has played with daily for 3-years of her life, and the only toy that I have seen entertain such a wide age range of little ones. My baby at 8-months-old had just as much fun as she does now, and as much fun as her older sister and her friends. The toy not only has given a baby and toddler fun activities to delight in together, but it has evened the playing field. There is no hierarchy in the Rody game of bouncing. My toddler can’t out-wit my baby, or dominate the play. The sport, like that of “real” horse riding, is one of personal skill that can be shared with a group of participating riders.

Children can bounce or hop independently, in a group, or play horsey games. My children pretend they are showing horses, race, or bounce together watching Bill Nye the Science Guy after breakfast. If one child can preform a trick the others can not, it doesn’t matter, they’re just bouncing, and truthfully they prefer to bounce vertically the most.

For my eldest, I bought an off brand inflatable horse, but it has it’s issues. Issues my daughter even notices. My baby has a Rody, which holds air better and its little ball feet seem to be superior for bouncing. The Rody is sturdier than the other with a thicker shell. Before you think that the off-brand’s issues are due to a larger child on the equipment, they use both of them interchangeably, and the non-brand-name has the same issues with a small baby.

My children haven’t grown out of the small size Rody just yet, but I am excited to get a couple of the larger Max Rody’s for them. Apparently they work for adults too!

Rody for crawlers

Rody for walkers

Rody until 5-years-old

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