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Rose water, the elixir I can’t live without, my favorite beauty secret. The natural potion can be used for many purposes, internally and externally. My two favorite applications… administering a few drops to my face to balance my skins pH level, which reduces clogged pores and boosts skins natural radiance. Eye drops… I don’t use a saline solution when I have access to rose water. I have found it to be far more effective than classic or moisturizing eye drops. My eyes lap-up a nice bath in the liquid and my senses appreciate the aroma. Rose water, has anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties. Using rose water reduces redness and inflammation, moisturizes the eye, and protects them from damaging pollutants. If applied under the eye, it can also aid in the prevention or reduction of puffy eyes and dark circles.

Other uses…


It can be used as a hair oil, conditioner or cleanser. It has been known to promote hair growth and reduce dandruff by increasing circulation.


Moisturizes skin, and removes excess make-up after cleansing.


In addition to the above mentioned eye benefits, rose water can also help with fatigued eyes. I drop some in and around my eyes. I usually take a few minutes while laying on my bed with my eyes closed… it’s very effective. I most often use this application after sitting in front of my phone or computer for too long,


You can also use rose water in food. Some people really love the perfume-y, floral taste.


When choosing the rose water thats right for you, think of how you are going to be applying the product. The container options: droppers, sprays and “squirters.” Also, get organic… some tend to skimp on this type of product, remember you are applying to your eyes and skin!


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