Should your brows be brushed up or down?



Ok… brushing up your brows can give you a natural ruggedly beautiful fresh look. But I have to say the trend is not for everybody’s eyebrow situation. If your brows are consistent, whether they are full or sparsely populated, brushing up will work for you. But generally people have bushier areas in the middle, and finer, thinner areas on the upper or lower areas of their brows. Use your eyebrows for coverage instead of caking on powder, pencils or creams, they will appear more natural. If you have naturally finer areas on the upper area of your brows, brush up, but if you have finer areas on your lower brows brush down.

I wish I could sport the brushed up brow look but my lower brow area just isn’t full enough. If I brushed up I would have to fill in my brows too severely, it would look as if I used a sharpy on my face.

I achieve my perfectly bushy brow look using Maybelline Brow Drama.

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