Smart Candy Free Easter Baskets on a Budget



Candy free Easter baskets are usually one of two things: expensive or filled with bubbles and stuffed animals. Most children have enough soap and poorly constructed fluff, so, if you’re looking for some fresh ideas to liven up your gifts this Easter, here are some tips to get the perfect treats for the little person in your life… on a budget.

Target Dollar Bins

Target always has darling items for any themed holiday in their dollar bins (located at the entrance of the store). If you don’t live near a Target, “dollar stores” are also great options. The sunglasses and the bag pictured below were both found in the dollar bins. Target has just as many options for little boys too.


To Basket or Not

Baskets are great and very festive but can get to be a bit redundant. A cheap basket may also run you $20.00. If you have a few kids, you may end up spending $80.00 just on bent grass! But don’t fret, I have two economical alternatives. Option 1: Get a gift bag. The bag pictured below is also from one of those amazing Target dollar bins… multi-pack! Option 2: Incorporate a bag into your gift as shown in the first image. I often buy reusable bags of all sorts when buying presents, especially totes!


Some suggestions and where to buy them.


Every little girl needs a holiday dress and my favorite place to get them… J-crew! Yes, their regular store is a bit pricy, but the outlet or J-crew Factory online always has amazing deals, especially for little girls. J-crew Factory has an entire section of styles under $30. If you need a floral crown or some pom-pom socks they have those too.


Sunglasses, hats, hair things and costumes are all economical fun items to throw in any Easter Basket. Here are some tips to allow one to stay on budget.

Your kids are going to lose their glasses, spend as little as possible and buy a few pair.

Buy hair accessories that come in pairs/multipacks. They’re normally the same price as the same brands single packaged hair items.

Costumes and hats are my favorite gift to purchase for my children. A pair of old-timey aviator goggles, a face mask, or a cowboy hat can be so much fun for little ones. There is no better day to explore than on Easter Sunday while discovering brightly painted eggs while wearing an elaborate costume. Costumes are smartly priced when purchased as an accessory type item.

Buy items that you may have to purchase anyway. Whether you have a little boy or girl, they will need probably need some type of hat this summer. My girls love their baseball hats and with their ever growing heads they’ve needed a new one every year.


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