Soy Love Spruce Candle



I’m a pine candle hoarder. Every December, I stock up on pine candles for the upcoming new year. My trove usually lasts about 10-months. By September or October my stash unfortunately has typically depleted.

My requirements for a pine tree candle.

  1. Very fragrant. No one wants a scented candle that lacks the scent.
  2. It must smells real and fresh. It may be ok for candy companies to manufacture unrealistic smelling banana candy but candles should stand firm in reality. Not only does a candle aid in relaxation but they are fabricated so that they may cause an eruption of emotions, allowing fond memories to resurface.
  3. Craftsmanship. I don’t want an ugly candle in the heart of my kitchen or displayed at my dining table.
  4. Long lasting. Burn time should last at least 50 hours. If one only lasts 3 or 4 burn sessions what’s the point? The amount of candles you would have to buy to keep up with demand would cost more in closet real estate than it would be worth.

I am at peace right now writing in the dark. The essence of my winter joy has been poured into the little glass cup, burning on my desk. The Spruce Soy Love Candle has exceeded all my above requirements and more.

I purchased this candle locally at Skintuition but you can also order online at Soy Love Candles.

Another candle I love is the Produce Candle.

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