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If you enjoy crafting, or even if you don’t, it’s nice to make special memories and beautiful things. My daughter’s love when I make anything for them, whether a present or even a meal. My eldest often tells her Father to make “Mom Eggs,” not “Dad Eggs!” When we are grocery shopping, to her it’s more of a place to come up with ideas of what she wants to eat, and not a place to buy prepared food. While shopping at Whole Foods, she saw a pumpkin pie. Instead of asking for the pie, she said, “When we go home can you make me a pumpkin pie, it will be so special for me.” I am not sure if she just loves the way that I do everything because I am her Mom, or maybe she just wants to bake. Is she old enough to realize I am showing her love through the time and energy it takes to do these special things for her? Whatever the answer, it doesn’t matter, she loves it!

Yesterday, on my perpetual quest to provide something “Made by Mom,” I realized that I had a ton of headbands and thought I’d make a few crowns and headpieces for the girls. I used tacky glue, pom-poms, pipe-cleaners, some ribbon and embellishments to adorn the headbands that were past their prime.

Here are some ideas for you.




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