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Spicy Delight serves the best Jamaican cuisine around and is truly a local treasure. The family owned and operated business is run by a husband and wife team. They are two of the sweetest individuals I have ever met. Mr. John, the chef, often greets his customers with a nod and a peek-through the service window. Miss Spicy, the face of Spicy Delight, works the register and prepares the orders.

The cash only, take-out and catering establishment has no seating. When you arrive you should expect to stand across the counter from Miss Spicy. She will welcome you with a smile and treat you like part of her family with wonderful conversation and laughs.

The only negative, they are no longer open on the weekends. They reserve Saturday and Sunday for catering events. Great for you if your having a party!

A few of my favorites items


Jerk Chicken Sandwich: Served on a soft white bread, dressed with a stack of finely sliced spicy jerk chicken, cheese, tomato and lettuce.

Spicy Fries: You can’t have a sandwich without a side of fries… well at least I can’t. Spicy Delights crinkle cut fries are fried to perfection, and topped with a handful of spices that I can’t quite figure out! If you like potatoes and are looking for a snack but aren’t interested or in the mood for a patty (hot pocket), try their spicy fries.


Curry Goat: If I am in the area and I have guests from out of town, Spicy Delight has always been a stop along the guest experience. Without fail, the biggest hit from the menu is the Curry Goat. The goat is served with cabbage and red beans & rice. You can request the item to be sauced to your liking.


Patties: The crown jewel of Spicy Delight are their patties. If you don’t know what a Jamaican patty is, they’re like little hot pockets. They have a wide assortment of patties. My favorite are the beef patties but my kids like the chicken or spinach patties. I forget how many they make a day but they sell out fast. If you are arrive later in the afternoon you might be out of luck.

Spicy Delight Info



308 Carroll Sreet NW, Washington D.C., 20012

(Btwn Maple & Cedar Ave)

Down the street form Takoma Park Metro on the red line.


(202) 829-9783

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