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Being allergic to cow’s milk, I shouldn’t consume dairy products, but sometimes I do, in small quantities. If I am going to decide to suffer the pain of an allergic reaction, it won’t be because I ingested flavored creamer, drank a glass of milk, or had some corn flakes. I reserve my indulgence of dairy products for the quality of ingestible I deem worth the pain. Steve’s Ice Cream is one of those items I value as worth the cost.

My two favorite flavors, Salty Caramel, and Small Batch Bourbon Vanilla. Both flavors are delightful. I love salted caramel anything, but often find the products to lack the punch/enhancement of flavors the combination should deliver. Steve’s Salty Caramel is truly salty, but don’t worry it doesn’t taste like you’re licking the walls of a salt mine. The ice cream is truly well-balanced!

I love bourbon in or on anything. Bourbon is often in my pies, cakes, yams and more. Sometimes, when I buy a product that has the presence of bourbon, it is not distinguishable from the other flavors. Well, in Steve’s Small Batch Bourbon Vanilla that is not the case. The bourbon takes the front seat in this ice cream. If you like the flavors of the south, like bourbon, or want vanilla ice cream with a twist, this is the ice cream for you. Although I am comparing items with two different liquors, this ice cream has taken the place of rum raisin in this house, because I don’t have to pick out all the raisons and the flavors have the same essence.

When I make ice cream, my rules include the use of heavy cream, half-and-half (which is half cream and half whole milk), eggs and a lack of skim milk. Steve’s has managed to produce a wonderful high-quality product using no eggs and with the presence of skim milk. You should definitely give it a try. They also have non-dairy options as well!

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