Swaddling Your Baby


Why you may want to swaddle your baby?

Swaddling a baby has many benefits. It may prevent your baby’s sleep from being disrupted by the startle or Moro reflex, as well as provide comfort and warmth. In very young babies, swaddling may even calm him/her in waking hours.

the classic swaddle

The classic swaddle may work fine in the early days of your babies life, but why go through all the hassle? In a time when zip-up, velcro, hook and snap swaddles are available, why worry yourself with a swaddle blanket that will likely come undone?

Get the perfect swaddle.

Every baby is an individual. The first day of your baby’s life you will not know how long he/she will swaddle or all the little nuances of their experience with the product. That said, I like options. I don’t want to spend money in excess when I can save money with one product and use it through all the stages of swaddling my little one. The swaddle I have found that works best is the Summer Infant SwaddleMe® Pod.

The SwaddleMe Pod NEVER unzips, it’s sturdy, and I’ve never had one tear, or a zipper break. The company also makes a hook closer swaddle pod but I will explain below why I love the zip closer pod even for older babies who like to swaddle with their arms out.

swaddles that snap

I have found that many babies get fixated and frustrated with a swaddle with a snap closer above the zipper near their face. Zipper swaddles are best without it. There are swaddles that snap on the side using a pocket and arm structure, but they are not made for older babies, and are harder to get wiggly babies fastened. Older babies can often get out of them just as in a classic swaddle.

funny shaped swaddles

You don’t need a swaddle that’s quirkily shaped. In the early days, a swaddle that holds your baby firmly, with a little give, is best. I am not referring to wiggle blankets for older babies. They’re great if your baby doesn’t mind their arms being lightly retrained. My children were not into the idea. We went straight from a swaddle to a sleep sacks.

velcro closers

I stay away from velcro closers. They limit the time your child will be able to use the swaddle. The velcro swaddles have the same pocket and arm structure clasp swaddles have. A  zipper closer provides support in the fabric of the product. A velcro closer swaddle relies on the support of the wrap and the velcro. Older babies will not only grow out of the shape of a velcro swaddle but they may bust it open, not only leaving your baby un-swaddled and probably awake, but the velcro often damages clothes or sheets.

Older babies that want to be swaddled.

My solution for an older baby that wants to be swaddled but doesn’t want their arms restrained is to use the Summer Infant SwaddleMe® Pod. Although, the swaddle is not meant to be used as a half swaddle, it can be. As the child grows, it remains the perfect half swaddle for most babies until their first birthday. My youngest loved to be swaddled so much she used the SwaddleMe Pod until she could no longer fit. In colder months, we placed her in the swaddle and additionally covered her with a sleep sack.

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