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AHP Recycled Jewelry

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If you’re a parent or school teacher that is interested in teaching your children to repurpose, reuse and recycle, or maybe you just need some craft ideas, AHP Recycled Jewelry is a fun activity for toddlers and kindergarteners alike. Although I am not a huge fan of pre-made processed food, I do purchase fruit pouches sometimes for on-the-go or during busy times in my life like having a new baby!… Read more

How to make a pinch pot.



In theory, the art of pottery is a wonderful activity for toddlers, but in actuality it can be a rough proposition to carry out. To mold pottery, one needs patience, skill and coordination at a level that I don’t believe many toddlers have.… Read more

Free Craft Santa Hats and Beards for Kids or Adults



There are many the would love the AHP Santa Hat and Beard. Anyone wanting to take an amazing Christmas selfie; a individual having a night out-on-the-town (lol, my Grandma says that); a nice southern girl that doesn’t want to suffocate or squish their amazing hair; a family in need of a wonderful (free!) Christmas craft; an inexpensive stocking stuffer (parents make them beforehand, let them poke out of the stocking); or maybe you just want to take an fun unexpected picture for your Christmas card. … Read more

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