Tank Phone Stand


Entertaining your child with electronics is sometimes necessary. An educational game can help provide a parent with a few extra minutes to get out of a restaurant, or other places and situations, without a meltdown. My two favorite educational games for these jams are ABCmouse.com and Endless Alphabet. My toddler, so sweet with her baby sister, takes the baby’s finger and assists her to complete the toddler game and teaches her little lessons. For example, she says, “That is a a monkey. Can you say monkey? What does a monkey say?” With the Endless Alphabet game, both can play independently. I have found most babies at about 10 months old can drag the letters to there destination and try and repeat the sound, even though it’s made for much older children.

Without a phone stand this exercise is difficult. My eldest unknowingly will angle the phone so the baby can’t see. If I prop the phone up with random items it always falls down. When she was younger she’d touch the sides of the screen and shut off the game she was playing. Then she grew up a bit and holding the phone had no other complication except dropping it! I went through several phones. Now that she’s a toddler there are no longer any missteps, but with the addition of another baby they need some assistance. This cute little tank for Kikkerland also doubles as an emergency toy!


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