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I am about to say something I thought I would never say: The menstrual cup is one of the best inventions for women ever! If you were to have asked me a year ago if I would ever use a menstrual cup, I would have mistakenly laughed off the ridiculous idea, and thought it very strange. My previous, unfounded, uneducated concerns: I thought, no matter what the claims, a vaginal cup could never hold; The idea of washing the cup seemed unsanitary and unpleasant; I was overwhelming distressed about the possibility of extreme discomfort and irritation that I deemed inevitable; I considered the cost… at $39.95 a piece, I would undoubtedly need more than one… right?; I was also concerned about inserting the cup, it’s a lot wider than a tampon! The whole idea left me uneasy and a menstrual cup was never a consideration.

I have always exclusively used tampons, until I read an article that changed my way of thinking. I am not sure who wrote the article or which publication. My husband sent me the link scoffing at the idea of a period cup, he thought we’d have a laugh together about the insanity of it all. To my surprise, the article won me over. Now, I am a period cup supporter and use one myself! The article presented the cons of using tampons and pads and every issue the author presented, I have had. Why was I so naive about my feminine heath? I guess, I thought, there were no better options. That all the issues I had with tampons were things that couldn’t be helped, just part of being a woman… the discomfort and annoyance of having a period.

My problems with tampons: the fibers can tear up your insides; frequent tampon changes, blood can often find its way down the string when there is barely a drop on the base of the tampon; depending on how your sitting the tampon can hurt and may leak.

My menstrual cup of choice is the Intimina Lily Cup.

Rebutting my initial fears.

1. The menstrual cup could never hold.

I have had no leaks, not one, after 3 or 4 months of use. I always had leaks when I used a tampon, even though no more than a few drops.

2. Having to wash the cup.

A menstrual cup doesn’t have to be sterile, silly me, I should have realized that on my own.

3. The cup would cause great discomfort.

It’s odd that I would be concerned with comfort when I was always irritated when using tampons. I guess I thought the discomfort of the cup would be worse, because of the size. There is no discomfort with the Lily Cup. I had to watch a few YouTube videos to get the placement right, but now I would say that comfort is one of the reasons one should choose to use a menstrual cup.

4. It would initially cost a lot and I would have to wash the cup in public.

Since you wear the cup for 12 hours, you don’t have to worry about washing your cup while out and about. You only need one cup.

5. Having to insert such a wide cup.

When you insert the cup, you manipulate it to the size of a tampon. The cup expends when its placed in the proper position, not before.

There are many other pros: the Lily Cup is made of body-safe medical grade silicone (none toxic), unlike some other products; You’ll spend almost half the yearly cost of tampons; they’re environmentally friendly and they have no link to Toxic Shock Syndrome, etc… If any of this article sparks your interest, I encourage you to go to the above link. The website provides a lot more information.

Why use the Lily Cup?

How to use the Lily Cup.


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