The Journey of the Wipe Dispensers



The journey to find the perfect wipe dispenser was rough. In the early days of motherhood, I learned quickly that diapering a baby wasn’t as easy as buying some diapers and wipes and having a quick clean. I have had babies flee the scene, kick me, or poop on me, while in the process of changing their previous excrement. Some situations have been so bad, a soak in the bath has been the only option to clean everything out of all the baby folds. Then, when my babies were well established on solids, I realized how smelly the whole diaper thing could be and concluded wipes needed the accompaniment of baby butt spray!

A perfect wipe dispenser is one that can be easily opened with a finger, an elbow, or whatever is available while holding baby’s legs with one hand, while you have poop on the other. The design should be one that allows for easy extraction of the wipes without the container coming up with it, or multiple wipes coming out in one pull. Also easily cleaned and sturdy. I have had many soft touch wipe dispensers that were hard to clean or even if clean appeared to be dirty. If your interested in having the wipes be accessible to your baby once he/she is potty trained, the dispenser should have a latching system that wouldn’t be difficult for a toddler to figure out or accomplish opening.

Wether you are on-the-go or at home, the only wipe dispensers that accomplishes all of the above are from OXO. The OXO Tot On-theGo Wipes Dispenser is easily loadable, has one finger opening, and latches onto a stroller with a silicone strap. The OXO Tot PerfectPull Wipes Dispenser has a weighted plate that allows for easy release of a single wipe. The PerfectPull keeps the wipes moist and is easy for my toddler to open and close.

OXO Tot On-theGo Wipes Dispenser

OXO Tot PerfectPull™ Wipes Dispenser

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