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Easter is just over a week away (Sunday, March 27, 2016). My family and I will be celebrating the holiday with help from some delectable See’s Candies. I love many of the company’s confections, but there are a few I particularly enjoy this time of year! My See’s Easter Favorites are the Bordeaux Egg, Sour Bunnies, and Sweet Surprise Chicks!

Bordeaux Egg

I am a fan of See’s Bordeaux chocolates year round. They come in all shapes and sizes, but I have to tell you, the ratio of the brown sugar center to the chocolate outer shell is “at its best,” in egg form. The milk chocolate morsel is perfection dressed in chocolate confetti.

Sour Bunnies (gelatin free)

“So sour, yet so sweet. These cute bunnies pack a sour punch, dusted with a light sugar coating for a touch of sweetness. Featuring berry, lemon, apple and tangerine.”

It’s true, they are so sour… yet, simultaneously so sweet. To bite into a See’s Sour Gummy tastes very luxurious. A true taste of greatness. They are not overly chewy with the perfect consistency.

  • Tangerine (orange): Sour with the wonderful fresh sweetness of a tangerine.
  • Berry (pink ) : Pink is sublime.
  • Green Apple (green): My second favorite, tastes fresh, and tart, with a zing at the end.
  • Lemon (Yellow): Perhaps the most extreme, like a freshly squeezed lemon with a sugar dusting.

The wonderfully tart gummy’s are a must have for Easter!

Sweet Surprise Chicks (kosher)

“Time to get crackin’. Inside each rich milk chocolate egg hides a tasty surprise- a cute candy chick made of solid white chocolate.”

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