The room that is often forgotten.


Hallways are important spaces. They allow one to live without chaos. If it weren’t for the existence of hallways, one would tromp around a home traveling through a series of rooms (i.e. a child’s bedroom, then the nursery) to get to the kitchen. Luckily, hallways exist so that most of us can make a trip to the kitchen without waking a sleeping baby or intruding on a teenager.

Many reside in beautifully composed spaces, but unless the extra step is taken to design every space in one’s home, an individual is merely living in a series of disjointed rooms.

When designing a hallway, know that they are ideal for a bit of fun. Use that crazy wallpaper or that bold accent color you were too timid to use in a larger space. Add some art, hooks, or a chair depending on your available width. Respect your hallways, don’t forget about them.

The paint color used Benjamin Moore Claret CW-305.



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