The Sanctuary Many Moms are Missing



The peace many parents are missing in life is the gift of time… the sanctuary of calm and quiet that only the wee hours of the morning can bring. To capture this reinvigorating term, all one has to do is make a simple commitment in rising early. One may think the notion of unsleeping when sleep is already sparse sounds miserable, but I believe my choice to wake early has truly been a cornerstone which aids in bringing me much happiness.

I rise promptly every morning at 4:00 am. I pump (nursing mom) and work. After expressing, I make a coffee and sit at my kitchen table positioned in front of a large window that looks out into the woods. In the warmer months, I forgo the indoor table, and the back porch becomes my retreat. Taking in the fresh air that only comes from living on a mountain top, amongst the deer, squirrels and bunnies, I type. As I write now, the distance is becoming less black. The sun is beginning to rise. The birds have commenced their song and a lone rooster that lives within earshot has begun to crow. Wearing a large sweatshirt and drinking a warm beverage, I am cozy and at peace. There is no other time of day this feeling can be achieved. The mornings are a time for me, a space in which I can accomplish my goals, work and fit that shower in.

I know if I am not ready by the time my three children wake, the rest of the day will be spent trying to catch up. I will not get a chance to work, and I will be knee deep in the chaos of life that one has with young children. This morning, and many mornings in the past, my mind began to play its game, telling me to rest. Yet, I know that I have regretted every morning that I did not rise early. I overcame the feeling of needing to sleep and as always I’m glad.

The hardest part of waking early is getting out of bed. The next is making it a routine. I encourage all parents to try rising early for a month. It just may change your life for the better!


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