‘The Secret Life of Pets’



My reaction to The Secret Life of Pets: Adorably animated, upbeat and fun, fun, fun!

Max, a Jack Russell terrier (Louis C.K.) lives the good life with his owner Katie (Ellie Kemper). Until his ideal world is disrupted when his owner adopts Duke, a Newfoundland (Eric Stonestreet). Max and Duke’s immediate dislike for each other leads to foolish behavior by both dogs. Their tomfoolery ultimately lands them into trouble and danger on the streets of NYC.

Max’s friends, a group of house pets, band together to search for their missing friend. The cast of character include a tabby cat named Chloe (Lake Bell), a pug named Mel (Bobby Moynihan), a Wiener-Dog named Buddy (Hannibal Buress), a white Pomeranian named Gidget among a few others.

I doubt the events depicted in the movie accurately portray the true representation of what our pets “do” while were away, but the personalities in the movie are both charming and hysterical. This movie is a must-see.

From a child’s point of view: My 2-year-old was captivated by the beautiful animation, upbeat music, and characters. She didn’t utter a sound in the theater, but was overjoyed to talk about all her favorite animals once we reached the car.

The theater: There wasn’t a seat open in the house and the crowd ended the movie with a standing ovation. I haven’t seen such a captive audience of children, maybe ever.

My final thoughts: Go and take the whole family. This was one of the best kids movies I’ve see in a long time. My kids agree too!


I am not a movie reviewer, a film buff, or well versed in cinema history. You do not want to read my movie reviews if you want a play-by-play of the technical insights of the cinematic experience or a smart rant by a “film snob.” I am, however, a mother of two very small children: a baby and a toddler. My children have seen every kids movie in the theaters since their birth. They love going to the theater, and my toddler always offers up her own review after. Not only will my reviews briefly discuss my feelings, but also my children’s reaction to the movie. These reviews may have a lot more to do with a child’s point of view than many others. Many times I have a very different reaction than my children. I am also usually alone, taking my children to the movies. I do not have a pen and paper, writing down my analysis as I watch. I experience the movie with a baby on my lap, a toddler seated next to me, doling out snacks, water and hugs as I watch.

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