The Ultimate Bib


The truth about bibs… they don’t work the way they should. Some are printed with hilarious saying, others are in the form of bandanas, many are packed with charm, but the truth is, depending on what your child is eating and how old they are, food gets everywhere. Soup, pasta, chili, yogurt, it’s going to end up all over your babies arms, lap and legs. If your little one is going to be swimming in food, does it really matter if a small portion of their chest is free from it? When at home, my solution to this problem is the MÅLA from IKEA. Yes, it is technically a smock, but it truly provides full coverage. The “bib” covers all areas in danger of getting dirty and is light and comfortable. My baby dislikes getting debris on herself and asks for the bib specifically now. The sleeves can be rolled up for a very small baby and my 4-year-old still wears it while painting or crafting. This one-time purchase will last for years! The MÅLA gets the AHP Versatility Award. If you try the bib on your baby, and he/she resists, don’t fret. Offer the MÅLA first each time your baby eats. After a few tries I have never had a baby unwilling to wear it.

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