Tips for Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar



There are many that drink apple cider vinegar (ACV) for its health benefits. There are also a set of people that wish they were taking in a daily dosage of ACV, but just can’t stomach the flavor. I personally don’t mind the taste, but here are some tips if you do.

Don’t dilute in water.

By all means, if you like the taste of ACV, add a tablespoon of the stuff to your water daily, but I don’t know how adding vinegar to a 16-ounce glass of water has become a tip for those that don’t like the flavor. A tall glass of anything is a lot of liquid to choke down for someone who hates the contents. I equate the suggestion to asking someone to drink 16 ounces of gin if they don’t like the taste of pine needles.

drink Braggs

You are not going to receive the health benefits or taste you are seeking from a jug of Heinz vinegar. All vinegars are not created equally. The high quality of Bragg organic apples, and the unfiltered contents of the “mother” provide the health benefits and a sweetness that allows for a milder flavor.

shoot it

If your one that is able to get down anything is small quantities, shoot it. Don’t nurse a 16-ounce glass of diluted drink.

make a concoction.

Add honey, maple syrup or agave to your ACV. In a 16-ounce glass of water, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of ACV and 1 tablespoon of one of the above sweeteners.

on the go

Bragg makes Organic ACV drinks. My favorite, their limeade flavor. The vinegar taste escapes my palate and the lime-y sweetness is quite refreshing.

juice it

If you are one the juices, add a tablespoon to your carrot and apple juice in the morning. The ACV is masked best in this application. The vinegar merely enhances the apple flavor in the carrot juice, which is the best part!


I am not the authority on any topic asked in this forum. For questions that may have medical implications, please consult your doctor or midwife. The purpose of this section of the site is to provide support, help, or a sounding board for individuals. Whether a person is going through struggles, would like to know they’re not alone, or find out which bottle worked best for my children, I will do my best to answer. There are going to be many ways to reply to all questions posted. I am merely providing my perspective. This forum is not meant for debate.

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