Transform Your Old IKEA PS Laptop Station into a Baby Center (Hack)



Do you have a limited space but need as much storage as you can get for your baby’s diapers and supplies? Or maybe you don’t have children, but are in need of a place to work that doesn’t take up any of your precious square footage. Well if you have an IKEA PS Laptop Station (this version) laying around, this hack will bring the darling locker up a notch. IKEA no longer makes this model and you may be thinking why would I post? Because this hack is so perfect. I wanted to give anyone who had one sitting around, attached to their wall, or one the uses Craigslist, a better solution that what IKEA intended.

There’s no step by step instructions for this one, depending on your skill set you may not be able to do it yourself. You just have to frame out your wall and “plop” it in!

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