Tremendous Happiness & A Toddler’s Card



My eldest daughter has no qualms about eating her meals. She is not even particular about the kinds of food she eats. Her favorite vegetable is asparagus, she loves seaweed, any dried fruit, and her favored protein is steak. She does have a problem at the dinner table though… she can’t stop talking. I don’t mind that she has a lot to say, but she needs to be able to break away from a thought to eat her meals. When seated at dinner today, my daughter immediately starts talking to her sister. Her little sister is only a baby, so the conversation was one-sided. Yet, sometimes she talks for 30 minutes before she takes one bite of food. I have to explain to her the importance of eating her dinner in an appropriate amount of time. That meal-time doesn’t actually mean story time. I don’t yell at her but she can tell I get frustrated. I’ve been having the same conversation with her for the last month. She is just bursting with thoughts and ideas. I know she can’t help constantly breaking out into conversation. But as a mother, I know she needs to learn self control and good eating habits. After our meal, I didn’t say another word about my “chatty Kathy.” The girls took a bath, and we played.

I left my toddler with her father later that evening and put my youngest to bed. While nursing my baby, the door knob turned, and two shadows entered the room. I heard a little voice, trying to keep quite say, “I made you a Mother’s Day card. I told you that I love you and that I don’t want to argue.” Her voice started to rise with excitement and my husband had to lead her out of the room. Later, I read the wonderful card.

It read..


I am not sure what sorbet and her friends getting to eat marshmallows has to do with me. It was also not Mother’s Day, but she is convinced Mother’s Day is everyday. She is just 4 years old. She has such a loving heart. I will cherish the card for the rest of my life. My husband explained to me that our daughter asked him if she could dictate a card for him to write because she was sorry she disappointed me. She explained to my husband how the Mother’s Day card would make me happy.

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