Turn a Mason Jar Into a “Real Glass”


I have a variety of drinking glasses in my home. As an interior designer, one set of drinking vessels just doesn’t suit me. I have cabinets of beakers, flutes, goblets, mugs, tea cups, coupes, stemmed wine glasses, tumblers, mason jars, shot glasses… you name it, I got it.  Yet, the only cups I have with handles are mugs and tea cups. I never knew I needed a handle to appreciate my beverage, but apparently many do.

This weekend a good friend was over. When she arrived, I served her a glass of water in a normal mason jar. The large cup of very cold ice water sat on the counter for a few minutes collecting condensation. When my dear friend picked up the glass, she immediately began to complain about the state of the jar. She became uncomfortable holding the beverage because the liquid droplets of water had transferred from the glass to her hand. She announced, all glasses should have handles, and that all her’s did. I knew that her cabinets only contained mugs, but I thought she had the shortage of “real glasses” because she doesn’t spend money on household items, and mugs were the only free options she was given. Apparently, I was wrong. She chose those free mugs deliberately. She says there’s a huge community of people that only drink from glasses with handles to avoid the transfer of condensation.  Well if you’re of those folks or you have guests that need a handled glass, but you don’t want to go out and spend money on new glasses, I found a solution to your dilemma… Mason Drinking Handles. I bought a few for my friend and any guest who may have the issue in the future.

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