Use Bobby Pins the Right Way!



There are two common mistakes people make when buying and using bobby pins.

You’re probably buying the wrong bobby pins!

Cheaply made bobby pins are prone to chip, rust, wear-out and have tip breakage. In addition, they are ineffective. The flimsy pins do not provide sufficient hold. Your bobby pins should be rust resistant, durable and one that won’t loose tension. The best bobby pins on the market are MetaGrip Premium Hair Pins. At Sally’s Beauty Supply they retail for $7.99 for 300, which sounds like a great deal of money for some bobby pins, but the truth is at other retailers you are going to spend half the amount and get only 1/6 of the pins.

Inserting the pin properly!

I think it is instinctual to insert a bobby pin with the flat side resting near the scalp but the truth is bobby pins are made to be worn the reverse way, which allows the pin to grip your hair properly.

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