Walk Like an Egyptian


Like most fashion trends, items sway in and out of current history in the pendulum of life. One item that has made a come-back… the anklet. I got the Dewdrop Anklet from Catbird a few months back! It was kind of a guilty pleasure for me. I loved it, but I felt weird loving it.

I have always associated an anklet to being 9-years-old, weaving price effective jewelry with my sisters and camp friends. We’d sit on sprawling lawns, somewhere in the woods, outside of the camp cafeteria. No shoes, toe rings hanging out. We’d weave and chat until one of the camp counselor would take us to pick blackberries. Though camp was wonderful, do I really want to wear jewelry that I displayed when I was 9-years-old? I don’t want to bring back the arm-full of black jelly bracelets trend! Is the ankle bracelet different?

Well I’ve decided to be loud and proud about my anklet. I think I might even want a few more! The Egyptians wore anklets, and I already love a head-dress. Ankle bracelets are also important to East-Indian culture. They even wore anklets in Biblical times. Next, maybe, I’ll even get a toe ring.

I think that Bangles said it best.

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