What to do with FUJIFILM INSTAX!



I think most of us love an instant-film camera. The prints are quirky, from another time, and beg for a chance to be displayed interestingly, or in a craft. In the world of “second chance” photography, and touch-ups, there is only one opportunity to get the perfect shot with the FUJIFILM Instax Camera. The resolution may not be the same as your iPhone, but your iPhone pictures aren’t as fun. You can adorn your home with snapshots of gridded Instax “wallpaper.” I’ve even seen them worn as earring (not really my thing), but where do the rest go? I often see stacks and stacks of the film in drawers or on shelves. If you’re one who can’t figure out what to do with all your mini pictures, treat them right, get them in an album.

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