When do babies go from two naps to one?



When do babies go from two naps to one?


A very common question I receive multiple times a week is, “When do babies go from two naps to one?,” or some variation on the question. I am going to answer this question, even though I dislike talking about sleep. For some reason sleep is a hot-button issue and I try and steer clear. Yet, I am asked this question so often I thought I’d answer. If you are truly looking for advice please read. If you have found what works for you and you disagree with my advice, please don’t get angry or respond negatively. I am glad you have found your solution and this article is for parents who haven’t.

short answer

If you want the short answer, somewhere between 15–18 months.

long answer

Sleep has many variables: age, over-tiredness, hunger (for very little babies), structured or unstructured, sleep set up, and expectation of the parent (for older children). Many of the above issues require consultation, but for a general answer read below.

neither long nor short answer

After the first year, a baby’s daytime sleep reduces drastically. I have found that it is most common for babies to switch from two daytime naps to one between 15–18 months. Daytime sleep depends greatly on the hours of sleep your baby is capturing in the evening. At 1 year of age, babies need about 14–15 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. By 15–18 months, babies reduce their sleep on average to 13–14 hours in a 24 hour period which, in turn, eliminates a morning nap.


I am not the authority on any topic asked in this forum. For questions that may have medical implications, please consult your doctor or midwife. The purpose of this section of the site is to provide support, help, or a sounding board for individuals. Whether a person is going through struggles, would like to know they’re not alone, or find out which bottle worked best for my children, I will do my best to answer. There are going to be many ways to reply to all questions posted. I am merely providing my perspective. This forum is not meant for debate.

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