Who Will They Become?



Yesterday, I took the kids to a local park. They had an amazing time splashing in the fountain. Soaking wet, one-at-a-time, they would dash towards me, jump on my lap and grace me with hugs, saturating my clothes with bleach filled water. I’d get a kiss before they would go off to poke their heads in a gush of water and the cycle of splashing and embracing continued…

Later that morning we moved from the splash park to the jungle gym. Their wonderful differences were evident as they played side-by-side.  My eldest cautious and timid, yet, she will fiercely defend her sister from real and mistaken danger. My baby, so little, will push her limits of danger daily. Yesterday, she wanted to be pushed to an extreme on the swing. Making the chain and her body almost perpendicular to the ground beneath her. Her elder sister sitting next to her afraid to experience more than a resting sway in the seat. Will my eldest be more cautious in her adult life? Will she make thoughtful decisions? Will my youngest jump out of a plane one day? Will she succeed because she took risks? My eldest is very social and loving. My youngest wants to share everything she has.

The pair are polar opposites teaching each other through their interactions. I don’t know who they will become or what good they might do for the world or each other. What I do know, is they are blessed to have each other, and I am blessed to have them.

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