Why I decided to let my daughters pierce their ears.



To pierce or not to pierce? Before I had my first daughter, I had no idea how culturally intertwined babies and ear piercing could be. Almost as soon as my daughter exited the birth canal I had my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and many friends ask me when I was going to get her ears pierced. I was shocked… get a babies ears pierced?!?! Everyone asked as though it was a given. They might as well of said, You had a baby, she’s a girl, obviously she needs her ears pieced, can we do it now? A few women in my husband’s family explained, “We’re Italian, all Italian princesses get their ears pierced.” When I heard this explanation I laughed, leaned over to my husband and said, “They may be partially Italian, but their not princesses. Although, I have no problem with the practice/tradition of parents having their very young children’s ears pierced, I think it’s best to wait until our daughter is old enough to ask for holes in her ears and care for them on her own.”

For the past week my second born (2 years old) has been asking me if she could get her ears pierced. She explained her need to wear all my “beautiful” earrings. Then of course my eldest daughter said, “If she wants her ears pierced, I want mine pierced too.” I thought to myself, ” Well, they asked, but is it really a good idea to get their ears pierced if they aren’t old enough to care for the wound on their own?”

Here are some reasons why I decided to go for it.

  1. They were old enough to ask for their ears pierced and did.
  2. It’s not a choice they can’t take back. If they don’t want to wear earrings one day they don’t have to. It’s not as if they were requesting tattoos.
  3. Their temperament: I know they won’t pick at them.
  4. They buttered me up by telling me, “It would be so special for us.”

Should you go to a doctors office to get your child’s ears pierced?

Most I know, do. Personally, I don’t think ear piercing is that serious, what a way to suck the fun out of the adventure than to make it clinical.

Where to get your child’s ears pierced?

I chose Claire’s. I know Claire’s seems like a bizarre place to go, but the “ear-piercer” was kind and made sure to place the piercing in just the right spot. Another fun convenience to getting your child’s ears pierced at Claire’s, they’re in the mall. My daughter’s and I made a day of it. I was able to get their ears pierced, grab some necessities for my newborn, get lunch and let them play at the playland.

Side-note: Claire’s offers a 20% off coupon and free piercing with the purchase of an ear piercing starter kit.

Does it hurt?

How to care for a piercing?

  • Leave the piercing in for six weeks before changing out earrings.
  • Clean the wound as well as the earrings and backing two to three times a day with rubbing alcohol. Turn the earrings 360 degrees and loosen and tighten the jewelry.

Warning signs of infection and Manuka Honey!

Some signs of infection to look out for are, bleeding, discharge and inflammation.

If you know or suspect that your child’s ears are infected, remove earrings, clean ear lobes thoroughly and call your doctor. Although, if it were me I would just apply Manuka Honey with a rating of 20 UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) or Active Manuka Honey. Manuka Honey has antibacterial properties, stimulates tissue repair, is an anti-inflammatory and when applied topically acts as a fast acting pain reliever.

Just to be safe, I’d apply the honey before the possibility of infection from day one. After cleansing with rubbing alcohol, apply Manuka Honey with a Q-tip.

This website is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, but to share my own personal experiences.


I am not the authority on any topic asked in this forum. For questions that may have medical implications, please consult your doctor or midwife. The purpose of this section of the site is to provide support, help, or a sounding board for individuals. Whether a person is going through struggles, would like to know they’re not alone, or find out which bottle worked best for my children, I will do my best to answer. There are going to be many ways to reply to all questions posted. I am merely providing my perspective. This forum is not meant for debate.

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