Why is your paint runny?



Whether trying to paint with a $30 can of paint or an $80 can of paint, it’s frustrating to open up the bucket only to realize your paint is as “runny” as water. Don’t bother trying to use the product in its current “water-logged” state. I have, and it doesn’t work! The poor consistency will only leave you with a mess. The product will yield little to no coverage, even if you pile on the layers of paint. The process of trying to make the watery paint work will turn a quick project, into one that will take an eternity and your results will be sub-par even though you’re a lovely painter.

Why may your paint be runny?

  • It may be old.
  • Poor quality
  • Environmental causes

What is the solution?

Use cornstarch to thicken it up!

What not to do!

  • Many use a mixture that consists of more water and cornstarch. These recipes will also require cooking the mix. There is no need.
  • Don’t pour cornstarch directly into the can unless you know you are going to use ALL the paint.

the fix

When painting with a paint brush, use a paint pail, adding the cornstarch along the way. Unfortunately, there is not an exact formula of cornstarch to paint that I can give you because the ratio depends on the consistency of your paint. Just add a little cornstarch at a time until the product has reached the desired texture.

If you’re using a roller, add the cornstarch to the paint tray and mix with a wooden mixing stick until the cornstarch is fully incorporated into the paint (no clumps).

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