You’re storing your herbs and spices improperly!



Spice and herb storage rules.

  • Ground spices do not last forever! Only keep ground spices for 6 months.
  • Only purchase whole spices when possible. They can last years, and taste better!
  • Spices degrade with exposure to heat, light, oxygen, and if stored in plastic! Store your spices in an airtight, glass container away from light and heat.
  • Buy herbs and spices from a reputable spice shop, not a grocery store.

How to grind your spices.

  • Buy a separate coffee grinder to dedicate solely to grinding spices. You can also use a mortar and pestle (a bit more labor intensive).

A little more about storage containers.

  • No ingestible should be stored in a plastic vessel for many reasons. Even if you’re not concerned with the toxins, you still shouldn’t store your herbs or spices in plastic. Plastic soaks up the essential oils of your herbs and spices, ruining them… use glass.
  • I store my spices in the Ball Herb Shaker with Lids. Yes, I know I said shaker. You are probably thinking, why would you need a shaker if you are buying all your spices whole? Well, I prefer to buy versatile products. It’s also true that depending on your geographic location, you may need to buy some spices ground. If you do, you have holes for that.
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