Yuan Fu Chinese Vegetarian… Vegan Too


Yuan Fu Vegetarian, a restaurant for a vegetarian/vegan “foodie.” As a former vegetarian, it used to be tough to eat out. I also have a dairy intolerance which made it even more difficult to find the meals that I hoped for while dining at restaurants. Yes, there are options out there: a plate full of veggies, a salad, or a heaping helping of fries. Those types of meals never cut it for me. I mostly resorted to eating at home before going out with family and friends until I found Yuan Fu Vegetarian.

If you have food restriction, and have been missing out on your favorite Chinese American classics, Yuan Fu Vegetarian is the restaurant for you. Yes, vegetable fried rice has long been your go to, but what about Peking Duck, General Tso’s Chicken or Wonton Soup? The small restaurant has a dozen or so tables. A little dive-y so you won’t need to dress in your Sunday best, but the food is great and they have a sweet and accommodating staff. It was also the location of my first date with my husband about ten years ago!


Wonton Soup

If you love Wonton Soup but don’t eat pork, you’ll be in heaven with this soup. The “pork” made from gluten, truly has a meat-like consistency and flavor. I have never eaten at Yuan Fu without ordering this soup in addition to my meal.



Stuffed Curry Dumplings

These deep fried dumplings are phenomenal.



Combination Spinach Noodles

I have had many different type of Chinese noodles but I have never had spinach noodles. I have no inkling if the idea of a spinach noodle is authentic or not, but I don’t care. The Combination Spinach Noodles are my favorite item on the menu. That being said, I usually order the dish a bit differently than outlined on the menu. I order, Vegetable Spinach Noodles with extra chicken. The item pictured is the standard Combination Spinach Noodle dish with faux sausage and tofu.


They have some other stars of the menu, Peking Duck, and any of their breaded chicken items. The only dish I have ordered that I found bland and totally unappealing is their Pineapple Fried Rice. The restaurant is worth the trip, on your journey of good eats.


Yuan Fu Vegetarian



798 Rockville Pike
Rockville MD 20852


(301) 762-5937



11:00 am–9:30 pm


11:00 am–10:00 pm

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